Veterinary Volunteer Work in Ecuador, South America

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Veterinary Volunteer Project in Ecuador

Our veterinary medicine volunteer program in Ecuador is designed to provide a fun learning experience for anyone who has an interest in animals and has a career goal in the veterinary profession. This program provides a unique opportunity for international veterinary medicine volunteer work abroad, a chance to learn about animals and veterinary medicine in general and specifically about the practice in Ecuador.

Your experience within one of our zoos working with wild or domestic animals and with large or small animals or within a small veterinary clinic working with small animals in Ecuador will be a unique eye-opening, hands-on, mind-enriching experience of a lifetime in veterinary medicine where you will work side by side with highly qualified host country Veterinarians. Placements are suitable for anyone interested in volunteering abroad. Our veterinary medicine program is available for college, under graduate and recent graduate students taking a gap year or career break or for those professional anxious in sharing their professional knowledge, experience and expertise.

If you have a passion for working with animals, either in the field of veterinary medicine or in a more general animal care-oriented role, then our voluntary project is a perfect way for you to gain some knowledge and put your skills into practice in a developing world.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers will be involved in the day-to-day duties of the veterinarian centers, NGOs or zoos and will be working side-by-side with the regular staff in animal healthcare issues. Volunteers will help and be involved in the following duties:

- Assistance: volunteers will be assisting with patients in filling and keeping animal records, preparation for and recovery from surgery, handling medicines, diagnostics and administering treatments for diseases of pets, etc.

- Veterinary Surgery: Surgeries at our local spay/neuter clinics of dogs and cats and veterinary department of zoos. Inexperienced vet volunteers will participate in surgical pack sterilization while experienced vets will perform surgery, under the supervision and assistance of licensed host country veterinarians.

- Immunizations for parasite management and nutrition supplements.

- Vaccinations: Vaccinations of livestock.

- Laboratory Work: volunteers will be assisting with animal exams, post-mortems, and meat inspections.

Note: Due to the nature of shelter medicine, the exact activities will vary by season.


This project is an ideal opportunity for animal and veterinary loving volunteers. Everyone can help and make a real difference in the health of animals. There are no specific qualifications required. Our program is open for students and professional of veterinary or anyone who has passion for welfare of animals. Basic knowledge of Spanish as minimum and good physical shape/health are recommend.

Project Location

Our project is located in Quito.

Dates, Duration and Application Deadline

The project runs all year-round for 4 - 24 weeks in length and start every Monday so volunteer should arrive 1 or 2 days early. Volunteers choose their own start dates. Applications are accepted up to 2 weeks prior to departure or start date.

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