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Ecuador Volunteers ProgramHealthcare & Medical Volunteer Opportunity Ecuador, Latin America

The general objective of our medical and healthcare volunteer project is to provide general medicine, community health–care, and to promote health education. Our healthcare and medicine volunteer program is unrivalled in Ecuador and is a great way to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged and at-risk people of Ecuador. If you are a medical student or a healthcare professional, you can contribute directly to your area of interest such as: gynecology, pediatrician, general medicine, nurses, emergency, pharmacy, occupational therapy, dentistry, etc. In our healthcare and medical placements, volunteers can work in rotation at different areas, enabling them to have a broad and varied experience of different medicine and healthcare departments.

For those who aspire to a career in health-related fields, our medical and healthcare placements offer an exceptional learning opportunity, in addition to a gratifying volunteer experience. If you are a pre-med student, medical student, these placements offer an international learning ground where you can not only view healthcare in practice, but healthcare as practiced by professionals in a different country. Volunteers without experience but who have an interest or desire to work in the health sector can also fully participate in this program.

Our healthcare-medicine/nursing volunteer program is unrivalled in Ecuador. Indeed, we believe the wide-ranging healthcare opportunities afforded on our program are amongst the best in the world - in terms of offering insight, knowledge and practical first-hand experience of healthcare and medicine in a developing country.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Medical students and qualified health professionals are very welcome as volunteers on our health project, but, if you do not have any experience or qualifications in this area you may still apply as there is a need for auxiliary workers too.

Medical and healthcare volunteers will have the opportunity to be involved in the daily procedures of large or small public medical centers (depending on their education, skills, experience, and qualifications) observing and providing various sorts of assistance to existing doctors and nurses in different medical fields. Moreover, volunteers may also provide much-needed assistance in various health "camps," distribute medication, administration of vaccines, provide tips to patients regarding proper health, nutrition, personal hygiene, sanitation, collaborate with the medical social workers, collaborate in prevention campaigns, planning family as well as providing general counsel to in-need Ecuadorians.

In our healthcare-medical/nursing project volunteers can work in rotation at different areas such as emergency service, general medicine, maternal health, paediatrician, dentistry, surgery, therapy, etc. enabling them to have a broad and varied experience of different medicine and healthcare departments. Volunteers will shadow the doctors and other medical staff in order to gain an understanding of the day to day practice of medicine in Ecuador.


Volunteers interested in joining the health care and medicine volunteer program in Ecuador should have certain knowledge of Spanish language in order to effectively work within our medical centers.

Project Location

Our project is located in Quito, Ambato, Latacunga, Otavalo, Ibarra, Puerto Lopez, Cuenca and Galapagos.

Dates, Duration and Application Deadline

The project runs all year-round for 2 - 24 weeks in length and start every Monday so volunteer should arrive 1 or 2 days early. Volunteers choose their own start dates. Applications are accepted up to 4 weeks prior to departure or start date.


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