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Have you consider a volunteer vacation? Why not spend your summer vacations, school holiday or university break in Ecuador with ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs?

Ecuador is a exceptional destination to experience the life in another land, to live its culture, and explore its wonders during your vacations. With beautiful beaches, green forested mountains and valleys, bathed by cascating waterfall, a rich culture, amazing food, friendly people, colonial cities and much more. Ecuador is ideal for anyone interested in traveling, exploring, relaxing enjoying, learning and volunteering.

ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs offers a range of volunteer vacations through Ecuador in Latin America for students, professionals, retirees, families, groups or anyone else wishing to volunteer abroad while on vacations, We offer volunteer vacations for international volunteers, of any age, background and experience level, lasting from one week during the entire year.

Volunteering in Ecuador can be one of the most exciting, wonderful and gratifying experience of your life. It isa great opportunity to give back to those in need.

There's a wide variety of comunity service projects available in Ecuador. You can contribute with your time and energy in teaching, construction work, general conservation, social service, healthcare, sport coaching, veterinary service, animal care, etc. Become a part of the local community during a project in Ecuador.

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ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs offers a variety of programs for your Gap Year in Ecuador, South America. You can choose from volunteering, learning Spanish, traveling or cultural activities. Our Gap Year Programs can be combined for an even more diverse experience.

A Gap Year is a period of time when students take a break from formal education to do something that provides learning and personal growth opportunities through travel, volunteer, internship, language study or work. A gap year is a 12 months of break from study taken by some students between high school graduation and starting college, during college, or between college and starting graduate school or career in order to gain a meaningful experience and valuable life skills.

ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs organizes unique gap year volunteer programs combined with fantastic adventure excursions, cultural activities and homestay for high school, college and university students across Ecuador in South America. Besides, our gap year program gives you the opportunity to study and learn the Spanish language or improve your Spanish skills.

At ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs, we work with individuals and groups of all ages to tailor a combination of programs options that match interests, needs and goals. Our gap year program can last for severla weeks, a semester, or up to 1 year.

If you are thinking about taking a year off and a gap year sounds like an attractive option to you, then read the rest of our Gap Year Program in Ecuador:

Gap Year Volunteer Program

Whether you are a student looking for a volunteering abroad experience, then look no further. You are welcome to volunteer in Ecuador and get involved during your gap year in an inspiring range of community service and environmental projects. A gap year is a great opportunity to put your time into a meaningful and rewarding volunteer program.

As a volunteer, you could be working in a: childcare center, healthcare center, animal care center, national park, elementary or secondary school, veterinary center, etc. ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs has the perfect project and placement for you where to spend your gap year volunteering, your energy and enthusiasm and where you can help to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

So what are you waiting for? There is a volunteer project and a community somewhere in Ecuador waiting  for you with open arms!

Gap Year Spanish Language Courses

Do you want to combine the adventure of living in a new culture with structured language learning? If so, then use your gap year to learn a language. Learning a language can be a great thing to do on your Gap Year.

ELEP Volunteer & Internship Programs and its ELEP Spanish Language School organize short-term and long-term Spanish language courses in Ecuador, South America for gap students of all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our language courses offer one-to-one or small-groups Spanish lessons and daily opportunities for practice. With help from our native Spanish teachers, you will improve your speaking, reading and writing skills with ease.

Make your gap year to work for you! Learn Spanish on a Spanish Gap Year Course in Ecuador. Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and the fascinating Latin American culture.

For a detailed description about our volunteer projects, please browse the link Volunteer Projects.

For more information about our Spanish courses, please browse the link Learn Spanish.

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