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Ecuador Volunteers ProgramOrphanage Volunteer Project in Ecuador

Working in an orphanage is probably one of the toughest and most rewarding things that you can do. Our orphanage care volunteer project offers you the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the lives of some of Ecuadorian's most underprivileged and vulnerable children, giving them the attention and time that they deserve.

There are many children in Ecuador who don't have anybody to call their own. These children who have been abandoned by their parents or those who come from the homes of domestic violence are sheltered by the orphanages. Our volunteer project has several orphanages across where you can volunteer. Each orphanage houses between 25 or more abandoned and unwanted children. Children are from less than 1 year up to about 14 years old.

As a care volunteer working with children in orphanages in Ecuador, you will be involved in the day-to-day running of an orphanage and would be helping the kids to learn life-skills that parents would normally teach. It is believed that with your help they will be given a sense of pride, self-confidence and dignity; qualities that are sometimes lacking due to the problems associated with their past.

Street Children Volunteer Project in Ecuador

One of the major social problems Ecuador has is irresponsible parenting. Many children are born to families that lack the minimum conditions to provide for their well-being. For this reason, many children have to go to the streets to sell, beg, and somehow make extra money for the family income. In other cases, children are mistreated and they run away from their homes or are abandoned by their parents and in order to survive, children have to work in the streets.

The purpose of this project is to help these children that are forced to live in the dangerous streets every day and that have no conscious of their rights as children.

The children of Ecuador and their families need the support of volunteers as many are living in extreme poverty. By working with the children and their families the aim of the project is to alleviate this poverty and help them to make a better future for themselves.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Depending on your own skills and interests, you are free to help the children with daily care, feeding, playing, education and helping with their homework, read stories, teach songs, clothing, change diapers, help them with their wash, and take them for outings, assisting the local staff with repairs and upkeep the facilities, spend quality time with the children, etc.

The goal of our orphanages and street children centers is to provide these children with affection, support, and a decent life in the hopes of helping them to become responsible citizens.


No specific qualifications are required to join our children welfare. However, interested individuals should have a passion and eagerness to help underprivileged children. Volunteers should have a basic understanding of the Spanish language in order to effectively work within these children centers.

Project Location

Our project is located in Quito, Ambato, Latacunga, Otavalo, Ibarra, Puerto Lopez, Cuenca and Galapagos.

Dates, Duration and Application Deadline

The project runs all year-round for 2 - 24 weeks in length and start every Monday so volunteer should arrive 1 or 2 days early. Volunteers choose their own start dates. Applications are accepted up to 2 weeks prior to departure.


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