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Social Work Internship in Ecuador – Latin  America

This internship is a perfect opportunity for those looking for an international social work opportunity. If you are willing to work in this noble field and are keen on the sensitivities of unfortunate children, women, seniors, people with mental or physical disabilities, then an internship placement in the field of social work is awaiting you in Ecuador.

Interning abroad is a great way to internationalize your education or career and gain unique experience working in a social work field. Interns will work with local and international organizations specialized in providing support to human rights activists, parent associations, social government agencies, civil defense, consumer, citizen's advice bureau, youth information offices, legal aid institutions, senior and child care centres, health care centers, educational centers and people and communities who want a better world. Placements can be arranged with such organizations or other areas of your interest.

Through this experience, students are able to serve others and work with people of different backgrounds, examine professional commitment, apply theories and concepts learned in the classroom, creative problem solving abilities and the acquisition of an extended understanding on the ethics in social work.

If you want to gain a real life experience in this field and have an overall knowledge, then our social work internship provides to international college students and undergraduate and recent graduate students an incredibly fulfilling experience and is an opportunity to increase self-awareness and build introductory social work skills. Besides, internship is also a way to contribute to the Ecuadorian community.

Internship Role

Depending on your abilities and the placement, you as an intern will be collaborating in a big number of daily activities and duties such as: counselling, training, administrative task, mentoring programs, children, youths and senior support, etc.


Although our opportunity is open to college students, undergraduate, recent graduate students and young professionals. No previous experience is mandatory. Nevertheless, beginner level of Spanish is required as minimum.

Participants with the following qualifications are well appreciated:

  • Vested interest in training abroad
  • Willingness to learn and patience for mastering new skills
  • Initiative, flexibility, and ability to work independently or in teamwork
  • Professional demeanor
  • Good organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written
  • Real interest in social work issues
  • Outgoing personality and sense of humor
  • Creative, open mindedness, self-motivation.

Internship Location

Our professional marketing internship is located in across Ecuador.

Dates, Duration and Application Deadline

This internship opportunity runs all year-round for 4 - 24 weeks in length and start every Monday so interns should arrive 1 or 2 days early. Interns choose their own start dates. Applications are accepted up to 4 weeks prior to departure or start date.

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