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Experiential Learning Ecuadorian Programs - ELEP is a private, cultural and educational Ecuadorian organization that administers, designes and delivers customized practical programs for individuals and groups from all over the world who are looking for experiences abroad and want to learn about Ecuadorian culture by studying, volunteering or interning abroad, offering in this way a wide range of practical and professional experience (internships) and humanitarian and ecological action opportunities (volunteers) for young people, students, professionals and retires who want to make a real difference and travel with a purpose.

ELEP offers internship programs, volunteer work opportunities in a wide range of professional, social and ecological fields and Spanish immersion throughout Ecuador for all nationalities. Participation in volunteer, internship or language study opportunities abroad is an excellent way to immerse oneself in another country's way of life.

ELEP encourages intercultural exploration and understanding through our programs. Each program is structured to help you learn about the language, customs and lifestyles of the Ecuadorian people.
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"......compared to my friends in other programs, I was incredibly lucky to be a part of ELEP. An international internship or volunteer through ELEP can be a rewarding and challenging way to experience another culture and gain experience simultaneously........"

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